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The most effective way to become who we wish to be is to constantly measure who we currently are.

Managing Anxiety and Fear: Welcome

Hurt is something we often try to avoid, bury and silently live with which leads to experiencing feelings of anxiety, fear, concern, worry, conflict and confusion.

What will processing hurt do for me? 

Many of us find ourselves in cycles that we struggle to break free from. Even though we want to change and we try to, the old us keeps coming back. This is because we're looking for answers from the outside. If there's something that keeps coming back in our lives, it's because the answer is inside. Honest self-reflection is the path to change.

What are the consequences if I don't process hurt?

Avoiding our internal struggles ultimately leads to chasing sources of temporary happiness such as job titles, possessions, public persona, and sometimes even drugs. This often results in a long life of continued disappointment. Once we learn the value of honest self-reflection, life becomes a beautiful adventure of curiosity and growth without need.

What makes this process effective?

What allows our buried struggles to have influence in our lives is our lack of understanding of them. Going through the process of self-reflection allows us to gain clarity into why we feel what we feel. Having this greater understanding of ourself gives us a greater ability to manage how we think about things, how we feel about things, and how we react to things.

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