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Happy Twins
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How to manage our happiness has more to do with learning how to manage the things that make us unhappy. Before we can begin to effectively manage the things that make us unhappy, we have to learn how to manage our attention. The best practice to learn how to manage our own attention is to learn how to meditate. The goal of meditation is a combination of witnessing and accepting what's going on around us both externally and internally without the need to participate. Visit our guide on how to meditate to learn more about meditation. In gaining the skill to manage your attention, you now gain the ability to choose what desires in the world you wish to participate in along with the struggle that desire brings. If you ever find yourself facing more struggle than you wish, since you chose to pull yourself away from tranquility, tranquility being your natural gravity, you simply decide to pull back a little of your desire to mitigate the unwanted struggle. Once your tranquility is back to where you wish, you can re-engage the desire. Even if you don’t pull back from your desire, your knowing you can pull back into tranquility as you wish gives you more strength to take on more.

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