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Unconscious Mind: Text

There is something hidden inside of us. It’s evidence is subtle. To find it takes a comfort with darkness and silence. With practice, you can slowly begin to make out the distant faint voices. These voices are the inner workings to who you are. Learning about them is falling in love with yourself all over again.

Understanding Who We Are:

We/our thoughts are not one thing. We are two things. One is our self and the other is our unconscious mind. 

What is the unconscious mind and what does it do?

The unconscious mind is where we store beliefs and values based on moments we’ve repetitively experienced over time. It can also be influenced through current or past trauma in our life. The unconscious mind operates as our friend here to help us through life taking on the load of repetitive responsibilities so that we can operate in this world free to choose to be curious about whatever we wish to focus on.


An example of how we train our unconscious mind and how it helps us through the day.

Most of us have learned to drive a car. Driving requires a lot attention to manage many regular adjustments and corrections. Yet, after a few months or years of driving, we're able to maintain lane integrity while thinking about something completely different. Who is now driving the car? Through the repetitive actions of driving, our unconscious mind has learned this behavior and adopted this responsibility for us giving us a freedom to focus on other things while we drive from one place to another. 

How can I tell if the voice in my head is my self or my unconscious mind talking?

This is difficult at first specifically because there is no change in tone or cadence or volume between the transition of your self’s voice or your unconscious mind speaking. Both voices sound like the same person (you). The easiest way to distinguish between your self's voice and the unconscious mind is to watch your thoughts and hear which voice believes a thought you disagree with and hear the voice that is disagreeing with the thought. The voice that believes the thought is your unconscious mind and the voice that is disagreeing with the thought is your conscious mind or your true self.

Why does my unconscious mind think the way it does?

Unconscious thoughts are adopted from our experiences in the past and the beliefs we had back then while we were going through those experiences. The good news is we’re constantly reprogramming old beliefs by revisited the original experience in our mind that inspired the original belief and rewriting the meaning with the new wiser information we have today. The bad news is sometimes a belief was put in place during times when we were hurting. And to revisit those beliefs means revisiting some of the past pain before we can see what the old belief was and change it to the newer belief with more compassion and understanding. Since revisiting old pain can be hard to do, often we avoid doing so to protect ourselves. By avoiding the previous hurt, we’re allowing the old beliefs to stay in place and continue to run our lives in ways that we don’t always like about ourselves.​​

Unconscious Mind: Text
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