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Hurt is something very powerful. The word alone can turn people away from the conversation and we replace it with words like disappointed or disenchanted to deflect and protect ourselves. Our own pride gets in the way of our own acknowledgement of having hurt because the world wants us to be strong and we can never be perceived as weak.​

This way of thinking is backwards and the reason why exists. We need more people to say it’s ok. I’ve been there. We all go through this. The way we get stronger is by trusting each other and helping each other through our struggles. 

It’s our philosophy that 99% of people are great people who when given the chance, prefer a life of genuine joy, connection, and supporting others. The challenge is there’s too few people eager and willing to connect and listen to someone else's pain to help them through it and help them truly love who they are.


The vision of is to help each other convert pain into power. Often those who allow themselves to go through the experience of self-exploration find the person they become on the other side of their journey wishes to pay it forward effectively transforming hurt into a desire to help others.

Having the ability to truly live for yourself in every way rather than living for the thoughts and impressions of others because you truly love yourself is a gift you feel so intensely every second of your day that you have no choice but to be fueled by gratitude in everything that you do.

Please enjoy the content has to offer. We promise to make it a fun entertaining educational experience and if you ever decide to go a little further, we’re here to help you along the way.

Our Vision: About Me
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