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Limitations We Give Ourselves

Your attention is the most powerful since of consciousness. Throughout your day pay attention to where you mind is.

Being mindful will Always make you aware of choice. The choice to react or respond to situations or scenarios.

Judge nothing and let everything play itself out because nothing is permanent.

Also remember to breath and release any negative energy that is caused by circumstances and emotions.

Your thoughts aren’t real, which means that no matter what YOU think about something it’s only real for you. So it’s your choice to agree to it’s belief.

Your belief is your faith and your faith goes into what you believe.

Be aware of how you go about your day, pay attention to the choice you make and see if you can understand what you think to be true, what gave you that answer?

Who told you that it’s suppose to happen this way or that way?

If the idea came from someone else then it’s not your idea which means it doesn’t exist as truth. If you gave yourself the idea or you agree with your own thought of the idea of which you choose to believe. Then it to is still not true, because it’s just your idea.

What is real is real, no labels no judgements. Don’t just read these words, just try to see a new form of thinking. But allow yourself to be open with no limitations either.

Your thoughts are your own personal truth, so no need to convince the next person. Just pay attention to yourself and that’s the best thing you can offer someone in your life.

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