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Your Mind Does Not Get To Tell You What to Do

The mind does not get to tell you what to do. You give it permission to take care of you and run your life but only while it serves you. This is a constant conversation with yourself coaching and guiding your mind to who you want to be. The mind is strong. When it wants something more than you do, you must speak what you want out loud using the least force necessary. Your mind is doing what it thinks is best for you. You must still love it or it will stop listening to you. When you and your mind are in conflict with what you want, your mind must believe how much you want it before it will listen. If it’s fighting hard, feel free to yell your desire and allow yourself to feel the pain of your struggle so your mind can see what it’s doing to you.

A daily practice for controlling your mind: When the mind will not give in, your ultimate power over it is control over your body. Stop whatever your doing, find a place to sit still and close your eyes. This is your way of putting your mind on time out. If the mind won’t listen, then it doesn’t get to do anything. Your mind may be stronger than your ability to change it but you have control over this body and the last thing the mind wants is to loss control over operating you. You are always in control. Sometimes the mind just needs to be reminded.

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